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SC2VN Public Demo 2



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We’re really excited to release a new Public Demo!  There a a lot of notable changes from the first demo we released with our Kickstarter:

-Implemented new character art (thanks to hikariix and irahi)

-New custom background art (thanks to sendo)

-Showcase of how we aim to provide in-game decisions/choices 

-16:9 resolution ratio - please provide feedback here!

-New music from Zircon5

For our next update, we hope to showcase a completely redone user interface for the game and we’ll have something that’s really close to a release!

I’d like note that the story in the demo is a placeholder - the characters are assuming similar roles as they would in the final game but their interactions/encounters in the demo are just that - a demo.   We approached this as a “technical demo” to showcase the mechanics we are aiming for in the game, but also a way for us to experiment with our own code in the engine.

The final game will be free to download.

If you have any feedback:

Tweet SC2VN on Twitter

Comment on Facebook

Email us teameleveneleven at gmail dot com 



editorial design antics, pt. 2

this looks like a normal magazine spread right



if you look really closely on one of the melons i put a really tiny pterodactyl right in the middle


no one noticed

and they actually published it

now there are 2000 copies of this magazine featuring this tiny pterodactyl and i’m the one at fault

oh my god am i a horrible person or what

If I could live one day the way you live your entire life

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